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Lohmann Brown Lite layers are specialised birds for a high egg production.

In recent decades, advanced methods have significantly improved breeding quality. Due to the development of powerful electronic data processing systems, it has become possible to put the theory of selection systematically into practice – thus turning modern quantitative genetics into reality. From very early on, LOHMANN used these new techniques and can therefore offer an extensive range of experience and knowhow.

A highly qualified team of specialists guarantees prompt utilization of the latest research results. The market’s changing demands can therefore be met quickly and effectively.

Moreover, nationally and internationally, LOHMANN is ranked as first-class for questions on poultry health, which is one of the decisive factors for performance and profitability. Intensive research from our veterinary experts, besides increasing resistance to diseases by genetic means and ensuring the strictest conditions of hygiene, is fundamental to the quality of LOHMANN products.

In addition, LOHMANN also provides expert advice on all questions of feed, nutrition and technical service. Practice profits from this extensive expertise in all aspects of poultry management. With LOHMANN products, eggs are produced in top quality and at competitive costs. Results of performance comparisons in the field and in independent institutes are proof of this success. LOHMANN products are often the winners and are always among the few at the top, worldwide.